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Using the Right Tools

Are you a member of the Makeshift Tool Club? If you’ve ever turned a screw with a table knife, driven a nail with pliers, or “drilled” a hole with a screwdriver, you’re in. If you are of the opinion that either WD-40 or duct tape are the answers to practically every issue known to humanity, you’re not only in, you’re a Makeshift Tool Club Hall of Famer!

Do these “tools” work? Yes. Do they work well? Sometimes. Are they reliable as long-term replacements for the real deals? No. The fact of the matter is that, in order to do the repair or construction well, we have to use the proper tools. If you’re just puttering around the house and need a quick fix, then makeshift tools can get you by when necessary, but they will never take the place of the right tool for each job.

When it comes to building a long-term, sustainable career in real estate, the Keller Williams education program has the right tools. The events, meetings, training sessions, and other educational outlets available to Keller Williams agents have been carefully and thoughtfully developed with an eye toward the success of each agent who chooses to take advantage of them. There’s nothing makeshift about any aspect of the program.

Click here to learn more about the Keller Williams education program and then contact us for more information on becoming a licensed real estate professional with Keller Williams. Join our team and partner with the real estate company that offers you the best tools for success.